Ice Age 3 tonight :3

Av Ibi och Miku - 2012-04-26 16:17

Hello : )

Today have been a quite stressed day for me, I sat whole morning, doing maths homework, swedish homework, English homework, played with my Art homework and did som Japanese study by myself ( I really wanna join a Japanese course!!) Then I ate lunch (falukorv, potato, vegetables- I don't like so much.. ) Then I went to school, which wasen't so tiring anyway. Then I read some in The Lord of The Rings, ate mellis and then watched telly( telly=TV ) 

Weell that maybe dosen't sounds so stressing in your eyes, but I completely flipped out, because of my Art homework( Have to be done until tomorrow!) and I have not even try on that kind of tecnique.. ( >.< )

And I have been working as I were crazy on my manga sketch( I can't do anything simple >.<)

But tonight it's gonna be not stressful ( ^ Q ^ )

I gonna have a telly night : )

We gonna watch : Ice Age 3 ^ ^

Rawwrr! Watch out otherwise I devours you!! Mohahaa


Rawrr rawwr grrr grrwrr ( translatiom: Bye Bye from me)

// Miku  

Hello! I really wanna watch a anime now... Maybe NARUTO, as I started on before.. And I am home alone also! : ) I loove it ^^ I have also fall in love with this song!

Blood on the dance floor - Scream for my ice cream .: 3

This day are gonna be pretty boring I guess but with some anime it be great!

Bye Nyappy<3

Hi everyone!

, as you  may know I said in my last update, I had a blog pause. But I think, now to the spring. I maybe can start blogging a bit more... But it is not gonna be loads with updates! But maybe two updates a week or more/less ^ ^   

and I have try on the Harry Potter related website who newly started to get members at around 4th April  I think... But not sure. But anyway! It is very funny. You can duel, practice potionmaking, practice spells and chat with other 'students' and you can have friends also   

First you registrate your name, age, e-mail and then you get some usernames to choose between. Then you have to wait for a e-mail in maybe some hours.. Then you can start to explore the world of Pottermore! I don't think I should tell too much.. But I can tell you about my account :D

Name: ShadowGalleon17927

Age: 13 (I am born in 1998 ,9th of August)

House: Slytherin


Lenght: 12 1/4 inches,

Wood: Rowan,

Core: Unicorn,

Flexibility: Slightly springy

Pet: Ginger cat

House points: 23

And if you are member there, and wanna add me, please tell/ask me on my blog or on my tumblr---> mikushinya.tumblr.com if you want. I would like to know who add me, thank you.

That was about mine account...

But Happy Easter anyway also! : )

Forgot to say thet before.. And Happy Hanami season to : )

And Yes!! My favourite band, An Cafe have done a comeback!! I am so happy for that!

I love Kanon/Shinya Sano                 

Hope evryone is allright : )

// Miku

I haven't so much time left for the blog right now.

I have loads of homework(and my Japanese, Russian and Indonesian studying is very important!), My family(they don't think I spend enough time with them...) Our animals(This gonna be an athletic spring!), So I don't have time...

I should really want to blog more but I can't. Maybe when my laptop is able to use. <---I have no internet on it u.u But I tell so fast I think I gonna start bloging again! :D 

But I really enjoy bloging in English! Why haven't I thought about that before?? Then I maybe can blog in Indonesian? Yaay! So cool this is.

I not gonna forgot the blog! No ofc not!, I think I gonna plan a new brilliant idea for it :D when I have my blog break.

So Bye Bye everyone! (For some weeks, I don't know how many...)

Love everyone who reads my blog!  


I am very exited what I gonna have for ideas to! :D


So bye bye!^^ I gonna miss you...

But you can follow me on tumblr if you want to :D

mikushinya.tumblr.com <----My adress ^ ^



Av Ibi och Miku - 2012-03-11 13:11

Hello everyone! I am not good to do many updates right now.. but I think I do updates when I want to, not just cause * YOU HAVE TO!* noo that sounds not good...but I think I will have some lunch now... Should just find something yummy. But I dislike much food hehe So that is pretty hard to find some easy, fast-making food. Yeah I have y problems yea. I just love the new site I am member of! I learn a lot English, and also Indonesian and Japanese to! Aww I love it so much! I love making new friends in foreign countrys. And as I guess you know my dream is to speak and write fluent Japanese(maybe Indonesian to!) and move for Japan, maybe in Harajuku!(Visual kei-city number 1!) I really wish I could Japanese- A so amazing and cute language, but well in my dreams as we say... But I will never stop fighting for that!